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Commissioner Hui

Bill Wasley and Shad Rolleston joined our Panel meeting last week for a general discussion on the work we've done to date. Both were pleased with our progress and provided some great insight on how to approach future change proposals such as:

Be clear about the current trial impact to the community.

  • Focus on safety. Commissioners can only approve solutions that have passed an independent safety audit (The Panel can choose the auditor).

  • It can take time to implement some solutions.

  • Continue engaging with the Community.

The Panel has discussed that a phased approach could be used. Bill and Shad agreed this might be better as some solutions could be easier to implement than others, and we're able to measure their success.

We also discussed the Panel's frustration with the Oceanbeach Road proposal. Bill and Shad agreed this could have been communicated clearer. The Panel acknowledge that this was a genuine attempt to be transparent. You can read more about the TCC Announcement and our reaction in our earlier update here.

Overall, Bill and Shad thanked us for leading this for the community and acknowledge the volunteer time and effort the Panel is putting into the process.

More information on our discussions with Bill and Shad will be available in the 13 September Meeting Notes which will be posted soon.


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