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Proposal to Commissioners

Last night, we invited the Commissioners to present our proposal (copy below). We had a great session with the following outcomes:

  • The Commissioners support the work the panel has done to date and will take a couple of days to review the proposal, and get advice on feasibility and cost.

  • We all agree that safety is the top priority. The independent Safety Audit will be critical to making sure the proposal is acceptable.

  • Getting something done with urgency (e.g. before Christmas) is necessary for the community, which the Commissioners will help to expedite TCC processes.

  • The phased approach (that is allowed under the Safety Audit) proposal was supported by the Commissioners.

We will update everyone soon, once we've heard from the Commissioners.

Also, stay tuned for the next Reference Group meeting and Community Open Day.

Links Avenue Panel Proposal to Commissioners - 2022-10-05
Download PDF • 1.22MB

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