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TCC announcement last week

At the Tauranga City Council meeting on Monday 5th September, Council staff presented an update on the Links Avenue trial survey and also suggested Oceanbeach Road changes to improve traffic flow and safety for other road users.

On behalf of the community, we have expressed our disappointment to the Commissioners at the way the proposed changes to Oceanbeach Road emerged and in a way that linked these to the Links Ave Community Panel project. We also expressed our concern that the Council does not appear to have learnt from its past mistakes when it comes to dealing with local road and traffic issues which impacts communities.

Links to stories by local media outlets can be found here:

The Panel was formed due to people in the Links Avenue neighbourhood wanting to be engaged in a process that would enable them to develop a community-led solution to a perceived community problem.

For clarity, we have been clearly advised by the Commissioners that our remit is the Links Avenue neighbourhood, with no expectation that we can address other traffic issues. This was the basis for our Problem Statement, which is on the home page of this website. We are using this Problem Statement to look at potential solutions and at this point in time, no solutions we've looked at (including great recommendations by the community) have been dismissed.

We are aware that there are some strong opinions of preferred solutions in the community, and we also have our own. To ensure we don't make knee-jerk changes, we ask the community to continue being patient and keep providing us with feedback as we work through all the variations and impact they may have on our community.

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