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Tick Tock

The Community Panel recognise that this is taking time. We share everyone's frustration to just do something, and we'd like nothing better than getting our Tuesday nights back. Going into this, like a lot of people, we thought it would be an easy fix. However, the diverse community impact we represent on the Panel clearly indicates that there isn't one solution for everyone, which also addresses the safety issue on Links Ave.

So far we've used the time to learn and consult with a number of groups and experts. We are now preparing a draft proposal to present to the Commissioners next week. This proposal will be a phased approach, with the first phase focusing on giving the community more access, creating a safe environment and enabling us to collate information to support longer term changes.

We will be stressing to Commissioners next week that we need their help to expedite some internal processes, as we know how much the community needs the current situation changed sooner than later.

A reference group workshop and a community open day will be communicated soon to share what we've been working on. In the meantime, we ask that you keep supporting us.

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