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We will continue to update this page with information. If you can't find what you're looking for, please let us know via our Contact page.

  • How can I contribute?
    You can contact us with feedback/ideas via our Contact page. All messages are shared with the Panel. We will also have a reference group made up of people who expressed an interest in being involved, either by contacting the council or by being one of the nominees to be part of the panel. These people will be invited to contribute to the development of ideas or to workshops where they can have input. If you would like to be on the Reference Group, let us know via our Contact page.
  • What is the Reference Group?
    The panel decided to establish a Reference Group consisting of other members of the community and people who represent views that may not already be around the table. This includes people with specific interests or knowledge around street/access/safety considerations that will meet the needs of school aged children, people with disabilities, users of mobility and micro-mobility scooters and bus-users. People invited onto the Reference Group have come from those people who have already self-identified as having a particular view, nominees for the panel who were not selected, and shoulder tapping as required. There are between 25 and 30 people on the Reference Group (numbers are flexible as people have the option to come and go). The first meeting of the Reference Group is on Tuesday 30th August. At this meeting, the Community Panel will be doing a 'show and tell' of their thinking so far and invite feedback/comments/input from the Reference Group members. The Reference Group members will also be invited to share their own thinking and ideas about proposals that might address the safety and traffic concerns that have been experienced in the Links Ave area.
  • What is a community panel?
    A community panel is an independent group of citizens who agree to work together to find a community-based solution to the community-wide problem. A community panel is community-led, not council-led. This means that the community gets to: clarify and agree the problem they need to ‘fix’ work together on ideas to fix it get independent specialist advice to test their ideas propose the best solution. The council provides everything the panel needs (such as technical advice and data) but does not have any direct involvement unless asked. To date an independent facilitator has been provided by the Council and ongoing administrative/ logistical support.
  • How was the community panel established?
    The council initiated the panel by contacting people who were already heavily involved in communicating community concerns about Links Avenue. These were people who have been involved at every level – from different streets, different age groups and residents who have been vocal about the way the issues have been handled. They were invited to meet, completely independently of the council, and have a conversation about how they see a community panel operating. This establishment group then decided they needed a broader representative group and called for nominations. Six additional people were selected from the 18 nominations.
  • Who's on the The Panel
    We are all locals who have volunteered to be on the panel. Our average age is 48 and there are nine men and five women. Our job status includes retired, business owners, homemakers, salesperson, logistics manager, engineer, professional designer, managers of businesses, IT consultant and sports club leader. The majority of us are homeowners or rent in this area. Some of us are parents (from toddlers to teens). Almost all of us drive cars, but some of us are also pedestrians, cyclists and bus users. All of us need to navigate the streets of Links Avenue regularly. Our skill sets include common sense, logic and logistics, design-thinking, health and safety, operations management, advocacy, community support work, negotiation, organising and teamwork. More information can be found about us here.
  • Why a community panel?
    The community panel was established at the request of the commissioners. In 2020, the Council was approached by residents concerned about the increased volume of traffic (from around 2,500 vehicles per day to 9,000 vehicles per day) since the Bayfair road works had started. Residents were concerned about the road being unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists (particularly school children), vulnerable road users, and the impact on their ease of use and enjoyment of their street. The increased volume of traffic was also preventing the efficient movement of buses through the street. Two trials have been undertaken by the Council to address this problem (one is still underway) but the impact of the trials has caused significant side-affects for many residents in Links Avenue and surrounding streets.
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