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Weekends are back!

Kia ora everyone, it's been a while but rest assured we're still working on things.

One of these is to collect more traffic data, so we can use this to help form a better picture of Links Ave. As part of this, you may have seen some new signs up today on the Concord end of Links Ave with new times.

Yes, weekends are back!

Following a meeting with Council recently, we had a chance to review data collected and as a result of the changes made prior to Christmas which have contributed to:

  1. a reduction in traffic volume and

  2. slower speeds along our street.

As a result, Council agreed to reopen Links Ave in the weekends.

The new signs have caught us a little by surprise, as we had planned to have a newsletter circulated to the community announcing the good news. But hey, we can live with that and will take the win on behalf of the community.

So, the new Bus Lane only hours are weekdays only:

Monday - Friday

7am - 10am

2pm - 6pm

The above hours of operation apply year-round including during school holidays and will be reviewed by council in two months to see if traffic has remained at appropriately safe levels for a residential street.

Panel spokesperson Sophie Merwe says, “We are happy that Council have opened up the street on weekends. Getting here has been a process: starting with total closure at Concord Ave end, to time restrictions 7-days a week and now down to five days. I feel like our voices are being heard and as data is coming in to show that vehicle volumes and speeds are safer, Council is coming to the table. Having restriction lifted at weekends will be really valuable to residents who feel isolated and frustrated and the stakeholders at Tauranga City AFC. We will continue to work with Council on behalf of our community to make Links Ave safer and more accessible.”

Have a great long weekend everyone

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